Create Your Business Entity

You’ll need to choose a business entity type. The Secretary of State's office offers useful information in this area and the ability to perform many required filings online at the Starting a Business site. However, it is best to consult an attorney or tax advisor before filing. Downloadable forms are also available at the same site, if desired.


After you get your business registered, you will probably need to make regular registration filings, renew certain permits and licenses, or need to seek assistance of some sort.

Annual Registrations & Filings

Fictitious Name Registration

Renewal of the fictitious name registration for your business is required every five years and may be completed online for a fee of $7.00.


The Business Services Division of the Secretary of State’s Office has online annual report filings for general and non-profit corporations.


The Securities Division of the Secretary of State’s Office provides securities registration for brokers and advisors.

Ending a Business

In the lifecycle of every business, there comes a time when the business ends. Even at the end of the business’s life, there are still several rules to comply with:

Several State level Resources include: