For all Businesses

Secretary of State- File Annual Business Report 
Renew Fictitious Name Registration 
Secretary of State - Securities Registration
File payroll reports (quarterly and end of year) with Department of Revenue
File payroll reports (quarterly and end of year) with the Department of Labor
Renew my Professional License

Be sure to also check renewal requirements with your local government.
Haven’t registered? Learn more on how to register your business

Specific Permits/Licenses

Renew my acupuncture license
Renew my nursing license 
Renew my optometry license
Renew my pharmacist license
Renew my respiratory care license
Renew my dietitian license
Renew my veterinary license
Renew my marital & family therapist license
Renew my counseling license
Renew my occupational therapist license
Renew my therapeutic massage license
Renew my chiropractic license
Renew my cosmetology-barber license
Renew my landscaping license
Renew my engineering license 
Renew my land surveying license
Renew my architect license 
Renew my real estate appraisal license
Renew my embalming & funeral directing license
Renew my athletic training license
Renew my environmental permit 
Renew my charitable organizations/professional fundraising registration 
Renew my health spa registration 
Renew my travel club registration.
Renew my liquor license (annual) 
Renew my Food Establishment License 
Renew my Child Care License (every two years)
Renew my Lodging License (annual)
Renew my Lead License (every two years)
Renew my Ambulatory Surgical Center License (annual)
Renew my Home Health or Hospice Medicare Provider License (annual)
Update my Medication Aide Registry Information  
See other lists of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) applications and forms.

Maintain compliance and download the latest required state and federal workplace posters.