Our Story

Missouri has a long history of supporting businesses through innovative specialized training.    For example, Boeing, the State of Missouri, and St. Louis Community College joined efforts in 2007 to build a program for assembly mechanics and composite mechanics.  To date, over 400 students have completed the training, providing Boeing a highly skilled technical workforce. 

Missouri is committed to supporting business by leveraging its extensive suite of recruitment and training resources.  With Skilled Workforce Missouri, the state will identify, screen, and evaluate the right talent to meet your business needs.  Skilled Workforce Missouri will provide pre-employment training so your new hires will be ready when your business opens its doors.  Skilled Workforce Missouri goes one step further, by skilling-up your existing workforce as new products or technology occurs.   Skilled Workforce Missouri can provide resources and solutions that best fit your business.

We are your workforce solution. Get started today and call us at 800-592-6020.